Jesus the Nazarene
Myth or History?

By Maurice Goguel

A prominent defender of the Jesus Myth point of view in the first half of the twentieth century was the French writer M. Couchoud. Couchoud raised such classic arguments as the ideas that Paul spoke of a heavenly non-physical Jesus and that the Evangelists spun their tales out of Old Testament midrash. Maurice Goguel, a respected New Testament scholar, published this book in part to respond to the ideas of Couchoud. Available online for the first time, only at

Maurice Goguel was Doctor of Theology and Literature (Paris) and Professor of Exegesis and New Testament Criticism in Faculty of Free Protestant Theology (Paris).

The work was published in 1926 by T. Fisher Unwin of London in the translation of Frederick Stephens.



  1. Non-Historical Theories
  2. The Non-Christian Testimony
  3. Hypothesis of a Pre-Christianity
  4. Two Preliminary Objections to the Non-Historical Thesis
  5. The Apostle Paul and Gospel Tradition
  6. The Theology of the Apostle Paul
  7. The Non-Pauline Epistles of the New Testament
  8. The Christ of the Apocalypse
  9. The Theory of the Prophetic Origin of the Gospel Tradition
  10. The Gospel Tradition
  11. The Origin of the Faith in the Resurrection and its Function in Primitive Christianity

General Conclusions