The Historicity of Jesus

A Criticism of the Contention that Jesus Never
Lived, a Statement of the Evidence for
His Existence, an Estimate of His
Relation to Christianity

By Shirley Jackson Case

of the Department of New Testament
Literature and Interpretation in
the University of Chicago

Published March 1912 by the University of Chicago.



  1. The Historical Jesus of "Liberal" Theology
  2. The Mythical Christ of Radical Criticism
  3. An Estimate of the Negative Argument: Its Treatment of the Traditional Evidence
  4. An Estimate of the Negative Argument: Its Proposed Explanation of the Origin of Christianity
  5. Pragmatic Phases of Primitive Tradition
  6. The Pauline Evidence for Jesus' Existence
  7. The Gospel Evidence for Jesus' Existence
  8. Extra-Biblical Evidence for Jesus' Existence
  9. Jesus the Historical Founder of Christianity
  10. Jesus' Significance for Modern Religion