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Review of The Historical Jesus by Crossan 2003-05-29

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Michael Turton criticizes the work of J. D. Crossan. Read it now.
Citations concerning the Testimonium 2003-05-23

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David C. Hindley has compiled a compendium of quotes, based on the original appendix to Josephus by William Whiston, that put the debate over the authenticity of Jesus in Josephus in perspective. Read it now.
Marcion, the Canon, the Law, and the Historical Jesus 2003-05-22

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Chris Price looks at the thought of Marcion and its influence on the church. Read it now.
Jesus Variants 2003-05-21

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Peter Kirby refutes the argument from No Alternate Versions for a historical Jesus by pointing out differences in ancient accounts of Jesus. Read it now.
The Seven Apostles 2003-05-20

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Peter Kirby looks at traditions concerning the names and number of the apostles of Jesus, both inside and outside of canonical texts. Kirby identifies a tradition of the Seven that rivals that of the Twelve. Read it now.
Review of Habermas, The Historical Jesus 2003-05-17

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Peter Kirby has written a detailed dissection of an apologist's arguments. Read it now.
The Jesus Myth and Deconstructing Jesus 2003-05-16

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Concise and incisive comparative review by Michael Turton. Read it now.
The Etymology of Jesus H. Christ 2003-05-11

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A very important inquiry. Read it now.
A Note on Trypho 2003-05-08

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Peter Kirby corrects a misinterpretation of Justin Martyr's Dialogue with Trypho. The truth is that Trypho accepts the historicity of Jesus. Read it now.
Robert Price vs Gregory Boyd 2003-05-07

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Peter Kirby summarizes a debate at UCLA between Robert Price and Gregory Boyd over whether Jesus was a legend. Read it now.


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